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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a mad man on a mission to massacre. this morning in norway, more than 90 people are dead. a gunman in custody and norway and the world stunned.
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a live report straight ahead. also coming up, the debt talks. no breakthrough. just a breakdown. what are the hopes this morning's white house powwow can put negotiations back on track? plus, it's a scorching saturday. another triple digit threat of dangerous heat in the east, so how much longer will it last? we're going to look at the best resorts on the planet and best cities for a vacation. who let this dog out? well, the pooch gets the run at the place at a nascar race. >> good morning. welcome to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. it's 6:00 a.m. out west, and 9:00 a.m. out east. new developments on the new deadly attacks in norway that have left at least 91 people dead. police say they've arrested one man connected to both the shooting rampage at a teen summer camp and the explosion in downtown oslo. norway's news agency says police are also investigating whether a second suspect was involved in the shooting spree. survivors of that summer camp attack say they cannot believe something like this could happen
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in norway. >> it feels like a nightmare. i don't believe this is true. like, very, very -- >> it's really bizarre, and it's scary. >> very, indeed. martin fletcher is in oslo with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: imagine norway's shock. the people here went to bed last night believing 17 people had been killed in the attacks. seven in the bomb explosion, and then ten children on the island. when they woke up this morning, they found out 84 children have been killed. not ten. 84 children. maybe more. between the ages of 13 to 19. >> reporter: it's the worst attack on norway since world war ii. 3:30 in the heart of the capital, the massive bomb blast outside the prime minister's office. debris over half a mile away. across the street, the oil ministry was in flames. >> buildings were on fire. it was complete chaos in the streets.
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we saw injured people being carried out of the building. >> most of the people were basically shocked. people were confused and people were asking what happened. how could this happen? and they weren't really aware of what to do or where to go. >> police suspect a car bomb, and with fear of more bombs, police warned people leave the city center or stay at home. two hours later another attack on an island an hour away. a man dressed as a policeman approached a crowd of youths attending a summer camp. he pulled out an automatic weapon and sprayed them with bullets. children jumped off the rocks to swim tore their lives. an eyewitness said he shot some of them, at least ten dead. president obama offered his condolences. >> the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring, and we have to work cooperatively together both
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on intelligence and in terms of prevention. >> the suspect changed his fews back page a week ago updating it. he called himself on his facebook page a christian and a conservative, and he described his favorite sport as hunting. >> i'll bet. okay. martin fletcher, thank you for that. we'll get more from martin later. let's go now to washington. it's big news inside the beltway today. the latest debt deal broke down last night, but in just less than two hours now, lawmakers are iffing to be back at the white house to restart negotiations. the talks fell apart last night when john boehner walked away from the table blaming the white house for the failure. well, the president pointeded a finger at the gop. the two appeared at back to back news conferences. >> it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this kind of deal if it was unbalanced, it was unbalanced in the direction of not enough revenue. the sdmroo the white house moved the goal post. there was an agreement with the white house and $800 billion in
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re new. it's the president who walked away from his agreement and demanded more money at the last minute. >> well, joining me now nbc white house correspondent mike vicara. good morning to you, mike. what is the big sticking point here? how did things go wrong so fast, or is that only our perception of it? >> yeah, you know, you are absolutely right. it just collapsed. these tense negotiations were really apparently making progress, and in the aftermath of this collapse last night, that's become apparent because both sides have been spinning like mad well into last evening. having reporters in for closed door sessions. ten days away from what everyone is talking about calls a financial catastrophe. august 2nd, everybody know the deadline. the government will be unable to borrow money after that time. a potential to fault.
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interest rates rising for everyone on credit cards, virtually everything you buy. at a minimum a, a whole slew of government services. people won't be able to get paid, including courts, fbi agents. this is the context that we're talking about. what happened with yesterday? house speaker john boehner called president obama about 5:30 and pulled the plug for the second time. we heard the president say this is the second time he has been left at the altar when they were circling around a deal. according to boehner, there was an agreement over ten years. revenues, which is a washington word for taxes. they're getting an earful from democrats who are privy to the outline and said, boehner, i need $400 billion more. the white house says it doesn't exactly go like that. the bottom line is everything fell apart, and now what can be done to pick up the pieces and sort of salvage the wreckage here. the president said he would have
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all the leaders over. back here this morning is some of them. they'll be back here at 11:00 eastern time here in washington. ten days, again, alex, we have to remind people, august 2nd is the deadline. >> okay. we have a deadline of sorts in about an hour and 55 minutes if everybody is on time. they're going to be at the white house. what do we expect to happen today? >> well, it's unclear at this point. i mean, all hope is not lost for the so-called grand bargain. i mean, if you look at what they were saying last night, revealing some of those details, i mean, we're talking about fundamental overhall of the tax code. it's something republicans were very interested in. we're talking about entitlement reform. not quite as dramatic, but something that is obviously very politically volatile, something republicans favor, and democrats did not. the question is can any of this be salvaged, or will they go back to a fallback position and do the absolute bare minimum, the at least common denominator in all of this? >> okay. mike, we'll see you again next hour. thanks for keeping a watch on things. in the meantime, wall street is warning of the immediate effects of failing to raise the debt ceiling. nearly two-thirds of economists
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and a cnbc-fed survey expect a selloff of 3% or more. meanwhile, if the debt ceiling is raised before a default, the market may not offer much of a rewafrd. a majority of the economists polled believe a debt deal would have no positive effect on stocks or maybe a 1% rally. texas governor rick perry says he is fine with new york's recent decision on gay marriage because it is a states rights issue. perry told donors in colorado he is opposed to gay marriage personally, but strongly believes in the tenth amendment. he says new york's decision is their business. with iowa's straw poll fast approaching, michelle bachmann and tim pawlenty are focussing there this week. both are holding rallies a bit later today. donald trump is once again hinting at a presidential run. the really mogul said he would seriously consider running as an independent if the economy does not xwroou and he doesn't think the republican candidate can win. it is another oppress he havely hot and sticky day in much of this country.
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the dangerously high temperatures are back with forecasts in the 90s, even into the 100s, and the humidity is making things even worse. >> this is one of the hottest yet. the humidity is just bad, and can you see that i'm drenched and soaked in ten minutes of walking. >> drip, drim drip, drip. >> it's hard to breathe. >> it's gloes gross. >> you're as close to hell as you could be, so pray you go to heaven because if it's like this, forget it. >> well, nbc's tom trong is live for us in atlanta where usually it's a worse situation in terms of the humidity and heat than it is in new york city, but not so much today. >> no, not so much today, alex. it's relatively comfortable. that's going to change here in a couple of hours, and when it does, you'll see plenty of kids and people going to the fountains here in centennial park. a large chunk of the country from the eastern seaboard to the midwest are going to be either under an excessive heat advisory, watch, or warning today. we're talking about a large part
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of the country. the temperatures are rising. >> reporter: the horrible heat. highs will be around 100 in new york city. if you are working off the heat index that considers the temperature and humidity, it will feel like 104. yesterday records broke. 104 in the big apple. 108 in new arks, new jersey. >> just trying to stay cool. i usually don't come outside much, but i had to, so i stay inside usually. >> reporter: and in the nation's capital, the heat index topped 112. something that hasn't happened there in more than a decade. >> it's too much. it's been too hot, you know, so what are you going to do? you have to deal with it. >> nearly 132 million people are under some kind of heat alert. the actual temperatures on this map may seem hot, but look at the index numbers. 106 in kansas city. 108 in columbia, south carolina, and a 111 in d.c. even those accustomed to working under scorching conditions are
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taking extra plea cautions. these firefighters in pittsburgh used wet towels to try to stay cool. they needed much more than that. >> these clothes are a double enled sword. they are designed to keep us from being burned, but it doesn't allow our body temperature to fluctuate. >> reporter: it's not just uncomfortable, it's proven to be deadly. more than two dozen heat related deaths have been reported. cattle and crop losses are moubting across the drought stricken south. in texas the first six months of this year have been the driest in more than a century. this wildlife rescue in lubbock is taking in more deer, birds, and animals of all kinds. many dehydrated and starving. >> i'm treeing my best to beat the heat, man, but it's -- yeah, it's outrageous right now. >> both man and beast looking for relief. and the good news. at least for the folks living in the northeast is that there is going to be many is relief in the form of lower temperatures. that doesn't start until monday.
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you are going to have to endure more days of hot heat. for us in the south, though, we're going to still be sizzling well into next week. alex. >> yeah, okay. thank you very much. so we all know what we need. it's a nice cool breeze. can we expect one in the near furt? the weather channel's mike bettis is here with the answer to that million dollar question. good morning, mike. >> you've got it. one more day of a heat wave across the country. especially in the northeast. we had record-setting numbers yesterday. we are just baking out there. high pressure not our friend this time of year, and that means warm southerly air that's pulled north. look at all of these states under excessive heat advisories or warnings. extending from the plains into the midwest, into the eastern seaboard, and it's not just the heat. it's that oppressive humidity. the dewpoints are up once again, and that means we're going to be sweat it out. it's air you can wear. temperatures are already well above average across much of the east. look at these highs again. we're talking triple digits in new york and washington d.c. 95 in boston. heat extends all the way back into the central plains where, dallas, we're working on three
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straight weeks of 100 plus degree weather. sunday a little bit of break in the northeast. in fact, temperatures should drop a good ten degrees or so as a cold front comes on through, but the record setting heat yesterday was remarkable. 104 in new york. 102 in washington. new york, an all-time record high. look at the heat indexes. it will feel like 102. it will feel like 112 in washington. rain that may cool you off as systems in the midwest work their way across the ohio valley, the great lakes, and we'll be watching from warm, sunny conditions today, and you've got it. a little bit of rain relief tomorrow across eastern half of the country. hot and dry in the middle. one more day, alex, and i think we'll be good to go once we hit the middle of next week. >> if you say so. thank you. >> for more on the scorching heat and all the other weather that might affect your day, you can check out still ahead, it's the dangers of big business. a nascar race driver's truck turns into a fiery spectacle. plus, a peeping tom with the camera that thought he was really slick until he was caught
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on surveillance video. it's actually kind of gross. shark attacks. two more high profile incidents rsh are sharks becoming more aggress i? you're watching msnbc saturday. [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power, with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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zaerchlgs police in southern california rescue a man after he was caught on -- surveillance video here showed the man approaching women from behind and taking photos beneath their skirts. he used his yell phone to take pictures and moved away. the police moved in to help him. come on. well, the president and congress are working this weekend trying to work out a deal to raise the debt ceiling. president obama will be meeting with republicans in the white house this morning. joining me now felicia, a reporter for the washington post. good morning. >> hi. great to be with you. >> i'm glad you're here. should we expect any
6:18 am
breakthrough in about an hour and 45 minutes? >> well, we won't know until probably at least the end of this weekend. these negotiators have to come to some kind of agreement on the path that they're going to take going forward before monday morning. otherwise, the markets when they open up are not going to respond favorably. the news that these talks broke down happened last night at around 6:00 p.m. ashgsz you know. affect markets have closed. that's the main skern on all of the negotiators' minds is how are they going to react, and the path ahead right now still remains complicated. >> yeah. felicia, we have heard so much coming out of these. they're close. they're not close. according to what you have been reporting, were they e close to a deal? >> they were. i mean, at the end of the day, each side has accused the other one of moving the goal posts at the end. what we saw last night was house speaker john boehner came out and said that essentially the white house was demanding an extra $400 billion in new revenue over the next ten years as part of this $4 trillion
6:19 am
plan. the white house came back and said that actually it was house republicans who had moved the goal posts and that they were requesting as part of the trigger plan that would have been included in this broader deficit reduction plan. a trigger that would have enacted changes to medicare as well as to the national health care law, and both of those are to congressional democrats. >> is there anything to the concept, you know, espoused by some, that it's too complicated and they need to go for a simpler deal to get something done? >> at that -- right now it seems to be the only option. the president said last night that a big deal still is on the table, but in reality there are two main positions that each side has taken that are still constant from day one. the president has said that he will not agree to any increase that is a short-term increase that does not go through the next election, through the end of next year, and the speaker john boehner has said that he will not agree to any increase that does not include spending cuts that are equal to the amount by which the debt ceiling is raised.
6:20 am
that basically means that they're looking at something that's in the ballpark of about $2.4 trillion, which is still a pretty steep bar for them to clear. they're going -- i mean, right now the negotiators in the senate have agree odd about $1.5 trillion. they're still about $is trillion away. >> it was up to $4 trillion was the deal they were going for at one point. realistically, we look at august 2nd as being the deadline that is ten short days away. at one point do they need to get something accomplished and in agreement to get this actually done by august 2nd? where is that deadline? >> there is very little time left. >> they ditched those plans. it looked like the beg deal was actually close to happening. now that it is dead, they're going to be meeting back at the white house again at 11:00. they will basically need to get something through by the end of next week, and even yesterday
6:21 am
afternoon on the senate side when the news began to spread that speaker had not returned the president's phone call, the senate majority leader, harry reid, and minority leader mitch mcconnell were already meeting and shuttling between each other's offices throughout much of the afternoon. in an effort to restart these talks at some kind of plan b in order to avoid default. that's probably what they're going to be talking about in the white house today, and it appears that that's going to be the plan they have going forward. >> okay. felicia with the washington post. thank you very much. >> great. thanks so much. in sports beyond the scores, three-time tour de france winner alberto contador punched his fan as he was going by them. at a nascar truck race in nashville, one vehicle became hot wheels going up in flames after a restart, but incredibly, the driver managed to escape without a scratch. at that same track earlier during practice, a dog ran out on to the field. the infield there. forcing cars to put on the
6:22 am
brakes. after a lot of chase, the crew finally corralled that dog. that is sports beyond the scores here on msnbc saturday. ♪ who let the dogs out [ male announcer ] the network --
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a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. in tech watch, 20 million users in just three weeks, a record setting phenomenon watch for google plus. it is the fastest growth by any social media site. yes, even faster than facebook which now boasts more than 600 million members worldwide. perhaps the closest comparison is twitter that racked up 20 million users over its first several months. a 6-year-old girl is recovering from a scary shark encounter near the shores of north carolina. it happened earlier this week when the shark bit her on the leg as she was boogie boarding off the outer banks. witnesses and tourists say they are frightened and on alert.
6:26 am
>> i really want to know that she's okay. i did not like what i saw. it really tore me up. >> definitely keep the kids out of the water in the morning and the evening. >> i feel sorry for her, and i hope that i don't get bit. >> i'll bet. the girl's parents issued a statement saying their daughter was in good spirits, and the little girl said, "i hate sharks. i like dolphins way better." i'm joined now by andy d. hart, the shark advisor for the discovery channel. good morning. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> i'm great, thanks. i have to tell you i'm glad i'm not swimming in about a foot of water. that's all it took. is this common for a shark to be in such shallow water close to shore? >> i wouldn't say it's common, but it is far more regular for sharks to be in the shallow water. they're there pretty frequently, and we don't see them, so we don't worry about them. we do have to put this in context. there's only been 43 attacks since 1935, and of those only three have been fatal. this is very low risk, and enjoureye time at the beach.
6:27 am
don't worry about sharks. >> that's good to hear from you, but let's talk about the boogie board. did that play any sort of a role in this attack? i mean, would the shark be looking for the girl for food or would the shark be looking to a board for food? what do you think? >> on the east coast here, especially in the area where this girl was bit, unfortunately, it's near shore waters. it's very murky because that's where the waves are crash, so sharks on r owe rying on their own skenss, smell, sound and not as much on their vision. they'll see a flick of a hand or a foot, and that high contrast will stand out to them, and it will bite it thinking it's a bait fish. once they realize it's not, they'll let it go and swim away. >> hmm. i'm curious if the heat has done anything to alter the just natural day going into for sharks and any other marine wildlife. is the heat that we're feeling here translating into the heat in the waters? >> this year doesn't seem to be unusual compared to other years in terms of shark bite cases.
6:28 am
we have found in other years that when there has been a big warming trend this happened in australia a few years ago where there was a very hot summer, a lot of the fish moved inshore. there's more food available for them. when the fish come inshore, the sharks do too. >> when we talk about summertime, when, of course, there's a preponderance of people in the water, there was another shark attack in texas, that 12-year-old boy who almost had his entire foot torn off. do sharks' behavior -- does it change with the activity of having more people in the water? >> well, we have to realize that the most dangerous part about going to the beach is driving there. there are sharks at almost every beach you go to, and every other day of the year, these sharks are swimming by us, and they're able to determine what's prey and what's not, and sometimes sharks get confused. there's a lot of signals in the water, and the more times we have people in the water, so in the summer months when the beechdz are very crowded, we're in their environment much more than in the wintertime. it's generally speaking when these cases do happen. >> you're just going to go dive right in, no problem?
6:29 am
>> i dive with sharks almost every day when i can, so it's -- i love swimming with is that correct. i think we do need to look at the flip side of this coin. we kill sharks 200,000 per day, almost 73 million a year. you compare that to the four or five people that are killed every year with sharks, and sharks clearly have more to fear from us. >> okay. andy d. hart with the discovery channel, thank you. >> thank you. how can the white house and congressional lawmakers get the debt talks back on track when they meet today? we'll talk with i leading lawmakers on msnbc saturday. a lot of peo ple think fiber can a lot of do one thing and one thing only, and those people are what i like to call wrong. take metamucil. sure it helps you keep regular, but it doesn't stop there. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium, which gels to help remove waste and reduce cholesterol. it can multi-multitask.
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6:33 am
deadline. we all talk about august it 2nd. that'sen the real dead looirn. you think we have one midweek. >> we have to vote by wednesday, i believe, innered to get it to the senate and through the senate and the house and to the president's desk by august 2nd, and, alex, we are going to have a deal because we absolutely cannot have a default. it would be disastrous for our overall economy, disastrous, especially for new york, international markets, our capital markets here, so we will have a deal in some form. >> now, you are sounding confident about a deal. we have expressions from the other side, the g.o.p., that says we will get something done. that said, we have the president talking say i called tim geithner, other secretary of treasury, and said to him what happens if we don't get this deal? why does he put that out there? that's a bit frightening to contemplate. >> because he has bent over backwards to find common ground. he has spent more face time managementing with the other side than any president in history, and, yet, you have a
6:34 am
record of the republican leadership walking away from the biden proposal, walking away from the $4 trillion grand plan, walking away from mcconnell-reid, from the gang of six, walking away from $3 trillion, $2.5 trillion. they seem to walk away. i truly do believe, alex, if the president came out with a cure for cancer, they would walk out of the room and say no. he is frustrated. i have never seen him. >> tell us what you think about the relationship between these two men, between john boehner and the president. they had that golf summit three, four weeks ago. we know that's what they were talking about. they had seemed to be a general appreciation for one another. now, what i heard last night, it seems like this may be getting personal. do you think that these two just able to figure it out between themselves, they get it, and, yet, they are both being pulled in opposite directions by their parties. >> well, they should stop the
6:35 am
bickering and the finger-pointing and set down and make a deal and move forward. we should have something on the table by monday. we have to vote by wednesday in the house. it has to include, like any business, revenues and expenditures, and we can't continue with 15% of the gdp is revenues and 25% is expenditures. we need to bring them closer together. yet, the republican leadership so far has been intransient about cutting or increasing revenue on profitable oil companies, cutting out their subsidies, or subsidies for jets or the yachts or all kind of ways that we could cut spending, increase revenue, that doesn't hit or overall economy and our aeblt to envest in invasion, infrastructure, and the future so that we can out compete our competitors in the world economy. we need to make a decision, move forward. hopefully it is a large plan that puts us on a path towards
6:36 am
grand deaf deficit reduction and debt reduction. as a fallback, you can have a clean vote on raising the debt ceiling. there was a vote in congress. i voted for a clean debt ceiling vote and moved this back to another time, but they are coupling it together. fine, but make a decision. let's increase revenues, cut expenditures, and invest in job creation, and get our economy moving again. >> listening to you. you are the cherry of the joint check -- >> we're in the minority now. stoo. >> that's true, but you have been that. you talk it this language, and you know this. give me a sense of the temperament on that committee. do you think that -- are people really willing to work together, and what is your prediction? i mean, you say we're going to get this done by monday, by wednesday? >> i believe we will have a deal because the consequences would be too great if we do not have a deal. speaker boehner, certainly president obama, democratic and
6:37 am
republican leadership realize that. we need to get a deal and move forward, and one that really protects our economy, protects people, invests in the future, invests in jobs, and i believe we will have such an agreement. i'm not in that room with the president and speaker boehner, so i haven't seen the interaction between them, but i do believe they both want to move forward for the country, and sooner rather than later we cannot afford to even talk about a default, and what's now on the table, which wasn't on the table before, the credit rating agencies, moody's and standard & poor's said they would downgrade america from the triple-a to a d if we had a default. they're now saying we will downgrade if there's not a long-term plan to reduce the deficit and the debt, so that has to be part of.
6:38 am
hot enough for you here? >> in washington too, right? >> it's hotter there. >> as if the debt crisis weren't enough. another washington slugfest is causing major problems at the federal aviation administration. in fact, the agency is partially shut down today after lawmakers fail to reach an agreement to fund it. i'm joined live on the phone by our colleague msnbc's luke russert. good morning to you on the phone there, luke. what's this fight all about? >> good morning, alex. let me give you a quick synopsis. the faa needs to be funded by the federal government because republicans and democrats have never been able to agree on a long-term funding for the agency. since 2007 there's been a series of temporary funding bills. there's now awe debate about the 21st bill, which essentially would have $16.5 million in cuts, 13 rural airports. now, some of these rural airports are in the space of harry reid and max baucus. hence, they do not want to have these rural airports defunded by
6:39 am
the republican bill. where does this all stem from? the main issue is really a union provision that would in the republican bigger bill that woon allow airline or railroad workers to have a secret ballot when they were to unionize. this is a big, complicated washington slugfest about important issues, laeb relations for democrats, spending for republicans, and essentially what happened at midnight last night, the faa is in a partial shut down. today over 4,000 employees at the faa are furloughed, but the one thing we must emphasize to folks listening to this, who are kind of freaked out, oh, my god, can i still travel if it's shut down. can you still go to the airport because air traffic controllers are considered essential employees, as all safety inspectors who are in charge of megasure the airplanes run safely and take you through destinations. there is no difference if you go to the airport except for one
6:40 am
little thing, which you're going to ask me about. >> what? what am i going to ask you? i was going to ask you if it's a problem for the folks traveling. i think i'm really nervous. >> because the faa is going to shut down, there's a silver lining in this for travellers. >> yeah, tickets. sdoo their ability to collect federal airline tax on tickets also goes away. if you are flying this weekend, the ticket that you bought most likely will not have the faa taxes that would be associated with it, and, for example, if you had a $300 round trip ticket, you could get a savings of anywhere from $60 to $80 on that. it's unclear if you bought the ticket today and exactly what happened if they would proactively take it away from you when they have the deal, but most likely if you bought tickets to fly this weekend, you will be getting $60 to $80 off. the faa says that's bad because these going to lose over $200 million a week that go to fund their prayioperations. >> i'm going to go on-line and
6:41 am
buy tickets at noon. thank you for that. >> take care. neem, the oppressive heat that's been making life miserable support teaing the weekend off. the mercury is going to be skyrocketing well into the 90s into parts of indiana, new jersey, and new york. the weather channel's eric fisher is live from jones beach, new york, for us. is it getting hotter? i got to tell you, i can see your face a little more glistening with sweat, but that's okay. still look fine. >> you know, alex, this hasn't about an a week for the most photo genic live reports. we started in minneapolis last weekend, and i was in atlanta for a couple of days, and now to new york, and i -- it's not important at this point. the heat is on for sure. yesterday astronomical heat along the east coast. we had all-time record highs. washington dulles, and also newark, new jersey, hartford, connecticut, and connecticut. we're at the beach, but it makes it a difficult job for some of the lifeguards here. we're joined by one of the lifeguards right now.
6:42 am
jones beach lifeguard. i noticed you just came out of the water. >> the water is really the only place to be today. it's just so hot. you have to make sure you stay cool, hydrated, and in and out of the water. >> now, we have thousands of people on the beach. i know there are a lot of lifeguards here, but is it difficult to keep tabs on all those people on a day like today? >> yeah, with the crowds like today, everyone is in the water, so you are watching more people. you have heat exhaustion on land. it's really a busy day for us. >> that is not in your job description. you're looking for heat-related issues with people just sitting on their beach towels. >> we responded to everything with people passing out today to water-related rescues. >> how does this stack up to some previous heat in the last couple of years? >> i think this is the worst. this is definitely the highest that we've had. we've had some hot days, but not this hot or this long. >> all right. we hope you stay safe throughout and help out the other folks. thanks for joining us here. one of the toughest jobs. you sit out in the sun. she says she wears spf 30 every day, and still a good tan going there. sitting in the sun, dealing with the heat, and keeping everybody else on the beach safe. we are going to see relief to
6:43 am
the end of the weekend. today is the last really hot day. by the time we get into monday, that relief gets all the way down to d.c., and we're back to more tip cal stuff. d.c. around 90 degrees. that is what they expect at the end of july. alex. >> absolutely. i got to tell you, i'm seeing the same thing about her tan. will he is so tan, and i'm sure she wears an spf. by the way, nice interview get, eric fisher. did you see the bikini? i know you saw it. that's yu got her to interview. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> innocent. right. thank you. if you are itching to get away from it all but you don't know where to go, we have a few suggestions you will surely like. it is all ahead for you here on msnbc saturday. we are joined by travel and leisure's best. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud--
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6:47 am
hotel in africa. tell me about this one. >> it's an mazing hotel. it's in northern tanzania. an eco friendly resort on 3,400 acres on a migration route of wildabeasts. they're looking for exploration, adventure, and this truly exetch fews it. the property is actually family-owned and they're trying for fewer beds on larger spaces. look at these amazing migrations of the big five. you know, you'll be sleeping in four poster beds beneath chandeliers, private plunge pools. this is truly a trep of a lifetime, and that's why our readers selected it. >> i can imagine. how about here domestically in the u.s.? the best resort surprisingly from tennessee, blackberry farm? >> blackberry farm is an under the radar property, but our readers love it. this is other place where you can get your hands dirty. it's on 2,400 acres. there's an authentic farm. can you taste farm fresh eggs and go to cooking demonstrations and can hike and bike and do
6:48 am
horseback riding. this is another foodie pilgrimage. a place where people can imers themselves in the great smoky mountains. a wonderful destination, and we're so happy it finally took the number one resort. >> it's beautiful. >> i can see why. especially by your description. what about the world's best airline? we're talking singe pour airlines. we are always talking singapore airlines. what makes it so good? >> we are 16 years running err since the survey launched in 1996. singapore airlines has taken the number one spot. they're known for being a leader in their industry. they were the first people to introduce video and audio and all classes in 2001. they recently announced routes to sal paolo, and they're constantly pushing the boundaries and leading the way for other international airlines. we love them for other customer service and efficiency. 38 routes in the united states. we're so happy to announce it once again they've taken the number one spot. stroo good for them. >> what about the best car rental agency, being the sfwlip car? >> zip car, this is a new winner. something new and fresh. zip car is a car sharing company. you can rent cars for one hour, for as low as $7 an hour, and
6:49 am
$66 a day. they're also leading the industry. other car rental agencies have followed suit and offered similar programs. can you rent one of 30 different makes and models, everything from a bmw to a preus hybrid, leading the way, and travel and leisure readers are loving them both in the city in which they live in, and also when they travel. >> that's good. what makes bangkok the world's best overall city sf. >> two years running it's made the number one international city. we're so happy. i think it's because of the junk that pox because the modern sky rises. it's a gateway city. travellers go to bangkok and then travel on further to unwind among rice paddys or the beaches or to the up and come resort destinations. it's the junk that position of wild class foods and shopping. bangkok can deliver all of that and more. that's what our readers love. >> as do the people here in new york city. they probably helped make it the number one city domestically. >> new york city is the number one domestic city. that's because new york is always hatching new scenes.
6:50 am
most significantly this year, west chelsea with the new face of the highline. readers love something new and different, and that part of new york city is actually absolutely revitalizing. you know, it's just one example of how new york new york is different and changing. of course, there's still the theater, the food scene, museums and great shopping. we love it, of course, and we're here right now. despite the heat, new york has so much to offer. all the winners have available at >> you're part of being the digital products editor. thank you. >> thank you. as we sweat out this heatwave, our air conditioner is driving up the electric bill. coming up, we'll show you cheap ways to cool off. stick around. you're watching msnbc saturday. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now.
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police say a norwegian man is suspected in two attacks that killed at least 91 people in this country.
6:54 am
then a short time later a gunman opened fire at a teen yooutd camp at an island outside oslo killing 84. they say police are investigating whether another suspect may have been involved in the shooting spree. joining me live in the studio is evan coleman. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about what we know about this norwegian man in custody. he's a right wing extremist of sorts. what are you hearing? >> what we know about him is bits and pieces. he's a right wing christian fundamentalist. supposedly he went on twitter and the internet and made various comments suggesting he was intent upon making history and intent upon making the principles he had and sacrificing himself for the cause. what cause it is? it's very difficult to understand. killing kids. >> it's sick. come on, let's call it. >> it's very twisted, and i think they're going to have to look at this individual the same we looked at major hasan in texas after the ft. hood massacre and determine whether
6:55 am
or not they're acting on political principles or whether he's completely crazy. look what he did. it's difficult to understand what the rationale was there. >> i'm curious why you think police are looking into the possibility of a second suspect. is it sheerly because 84 kids killed in a 20-minute spree. you have to wonder how in the world that happens. >> it's disturbing, but i think the real fact here playing into the suggestion there might be the a larger conspiracy is really the bomb. the bomb that didn't kill as many people, but building a bomb as we saw here in new york, it's not that easy to do for one person, especially if you don't know what you're doing. you're more likely to have it blow up in your face than create a successful explosion. this was a major attack. this was a big explosion. you have to wonder how somebody with no apparent training does this on his own, and that leads us to see maybe he committed this on his own, but did someone help him build a bomb and get
6:56 am
firearms and plan this. >> you have to wonder about the al qaeda aspect, because the car bomb would be a hallmark typical al qaeda effect. not so much the killing spree with a lone crazy guy with the kids on the the island. is there any suggestion anywhere that al qaeda may have had a hand in this? >> even al qaeda-types now who initially were cheering this on saying hooray are saying it doesn't matter who did it. we celebrate anyway. >> why do they do that? they see 84 children being killed and think we can't even do that? >> they call this divine punishment. they say that's for norway being involved in afghanistan and for defaming the prophet mohammed, et cetera, et cetera. there's been so much damage done. who will look at this and try to copycat this? are there other people out there who are going to look at this and say, hey, it worked. we can do this. let's do it again.
6:57 am
>> how does this translate in terms of the kind of security we need to take here in the u.s.? >> i can tell you right now that law enforcement in this country is looking very seriously both at the kind of targets that were targeted here, and more importantly, what right wing extremist groups in in country are planning. if you remember just a few years ago, there was this whole had you been loo over monitors the right wing extremists. there are extremists of all dircht flavors. just because you believe in one thing or another doesn't make you less deadly. >> thanks so much for coming in. appreciate that. >> thank you very much. still ahead next hour, how same-sex marriages in new york are creating a bumper crop of wedding business. the latest showing by mitt romney in a match-up against the president. you're watching "msnbc saturday." stay with us.
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